North East Rail Group is what is known as a 'Gen' group, something that sends out and 'generates' news, interest and discussions. Obviously the topic of all these are related to railways in the North East of England.

They work by using Yahoo as a server for an email list. The sender becomes a member of the group, emails using a text service, or email on your phone, tablet or computer and report what they see. The email message is then sent to everyone on the Groups address list. Others then reply to the email you send, so trains can be tracked from one place to another, or information exchanged and given in advance.  The more members and those that share information the groups have the better they can run.

A generic one was found to contain too much information so they were split into sectors after I took the initative to reform a new set of groups to cover the area. They are open to join for all. Three focus on news, sightings and info for NER Service trains, Freight and Railtours, the latter being specific to cover charters and their ECS and light engine moves.

The addresses for them are:

NER Freight:

NER Railtours:

NER Services:

A fourth area was for NER Discussion. This is an area for any questions, enquiries, throughts and musings. Photo plugs, sighting reports are all welcome here so that the News groups stick to Real time information being posted. The link for this is below:

NER Discussion:


Other websites and helpful links are displayed on another page on the website here.

Hope that is of use to others...



aka the Black Hat

North East Rail Groups Owner