Hello all

Im a young gentleman of 27 years old, who combines his interest in railways with photography and has done for some time. I wear a Black Hat which has become a trademark from being a useful piece of headwear! For me it does a job of keeping the head warm in winter and shaded in summer, but people have recognised it when out and about. The added bonus means no anorak is needed!

I am passionate about this interest and like to share my results, which many had complimented me on before. All photographs appear as they are taken from the camera, with no digigital manipulation done afterwards as I dont believe that this gives best performance.

I enjoy the freindly banter by the many enthusiasts out there who show that same respect, civility and good humour that we all should expect as normal from. All my photograhs are taken from areas that can be accessed easily and safely - with no tresspassing! There is no need to go to areas that you shouldn't be able to get to normally, or areas without permission. Its simple. As an enthusiast I'd hope my good behaviour and welcoming attitude to others about the hobby means more people think that more freindly and open people like the hobby than its steriotypical image.

I hope you enjoy the website!

aka The Black Hat