Josh Welsh(non-registered)
Brilliant photos! Love the site.
David Langley(non-registered)
Enjoyed the 1 hour chat with you while waiting for the Flying Scotsman on Wednesday. I am back in Bishop, better internet. Had a quick look at some of your great images, will return for a longer look in next few days, all the best. David.
Duncan Watry(non-registered)
Good meeting you in Barnetby. Thanks for helping me find the bridle path through the maize field!
Jon Hughes(non-registered)
mice to meet you at Shildon (20/10/2012) Its good to see North o England pictures
A Northern exile in the South
Brian Kale(non-registered)
Excellent photo's. The New arrivals at Shildon are a very welcome sight. Looking forward to seeing all 6.
Graham Scott(non-registered)
Excellent pictures, very clear with brilliant colours.
Neville Taylor(non-registered)
Hope you got some good photos on monday up at Berwick of the tornado and the royal train going to Edinburgh
Gareth Patterson(non-registered)
Excellent site full of great pictures keep up the good work
Ian Gardner(non-registered)
Regarding the charters into Weardale. As the person who set the various charters up, (before leaving the railway), I just hope that the one a couple of weeks back doesn't turn out to be the last.
Ian Nichols(non-registered)
Enjoyed meeting you at Shildon today
Your pictures are really good
Thanks for the spirit level advice
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