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The weather over the north east proved to be dry. Dry in every sarcastic sense of the word. While the rain did hold off the wonderful panoramic views of the north east that this tour would encompass would evade most passengers thanks to fog, low cloud or mist. Each similar but giving different visions in different places.

It made photography difficult. Photographs had to be taken fairly close to the line or subject, meaning some views and locations were a right off. Despite this, some pleasant photos were taken, ones like the back streets near Blyth, over Blyth bridge and the viaduct near Crag Hall.

The one place the sun did shine was around Teesside, no smoggy reputation for Middlesbrough today, but it was short lived. Passengers with vertigo need not worry around the cliff top near Skinningrove, you probably didnt seen the edge.

Despite this, the chase was fun, the tour beat me to a few places, Kirthleatham near Redcar being one. Some shots were difficult due to the mist being too thick.

The engines performed superbly. The note between the larger wheeled B1 and the smaller K1 was noticeable. Credit must go to the two groups that turned out the machines so well. The K1 has a great reputation on the mainline, but the B1 since its overhaul has impressed many. It is indeed a sad fact that only one K1 and two B1s remain.

The chase was long, the day enjoyable and for many the novelty of top and tailed steam proved to give it an added factor. Heres hoping for the same engines next year and better weather!

The Wansbeck Tour 2014

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