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Created 7-Apr-11
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Albeit without the Police Phone Box, I had a chance to step back in time to see a Q6 working a coal train on a line that looked like something out of the late 1950's.

63395 stood proudly upon its rake of coal wagons, the 21t 'windcutter' set that the GCR is lucky to have. Indeed, many railways now dream of having a uniform wagon rake and rightly so. The Q6 - ever the workhorse of the North Eastern Railways freight sector - was to travel the line and pass us for which we would take photographs. Adorned with a 51A, Darlington, shedplate this was a fantastic chance for me to admire but also witness just what was an everyday scene, but now something so special.

Thanks to Don Bishop for organising the event and the crews and staff at the GCR.

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