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Flying Scotsman is an engine that instantly is recognised by its name. Its fully history is often overlooked by many enthusiasts and public alike, due to the amount of information and stories attributed to the engine. This is the one that many think anyone who works on a railway, or did has been near, seen, touched or driven.
The protracted overhaul has been a source of some controversy in the recent past, however, its control and management from Ian Riley and his engineering company have brought development, success and conclusion. Gresley himself would be proud of how the engine has been returned to traffic and the decision by the NRM to fit the engine with its A3 boiler, and brief for it to be returned as an A3 in its purest form has been a masterstroke. Now, rather than forcing the design to its maximum power and stress, Ian Riley and the team have restored an engine that was seen to be in excellent condition and prepared as such. The engine seemed to be perfectly balanced, powering easily and running free. Riley and the team are rightly proud of their achievement and this will not be the only post and topic this year that ventures admiration and praise for what the company and this man have done.
On the day, with Scotsman in black, the weather seemed equally dark. Driving rain, spray and cold blotted many photographs and caused blur on some. The chase started at Carnforth before venturing to Tebay, where the photo is cropped and not brilliant. Its included more as a token for the day and its place shows that even good photographers (to which I have modestly been described as one) have days where conditions make it very difficult. Really I was too far away, going into rain with Scotsman at speed. The A3 charging north could have been seen at Penrith only to be bowled by a stopping train in the station. Scotsman screamed through charging north.
I caught the train again at Culcaith seeing Victorian signalling in action as trains were brought through from one line working. Finally a charge for Ais Gill was more in hope than reason as it was dark and again things went blurred. End score, very much in favour of the A3. Scotsman 3 v Black Hat 2. But what a day…

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