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At Heighington in September 1825 the worlds first railway locomotive, Locomotion No. 1 took to the rails. It hauled the first train on a railway system proper and thus entered the history books.

In 2013 some things have changed, others not. The station still remains about 3 miles from its namesake village and the pub nearby that was a staging house now bares the name of the historic engine. While the scene around the area has grown to become familiar, the crossing and signal box are well known by local enthusiasts for a good traditional photograph to compare with years hence. Now in 2013 engineering work is taking place on what became known as the Heritage line, a nod to the historic links mentioned - which sees the rails replaced and drainage works renewed. The branch to Bishop Auckland has seen an upturn in traffic with coal trains and charters as well as movements to Locomotion, the NRM at Shildon, another reference to the pioneer locomotive. Now known as the 'Bishop line', a rebrand to make locals more accustom to it, even if sounding a little crude, the line sees this work taking place between Darlington and Bishop Auckland.

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