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WCRC's own Galatea was the star attraction at the Steam Gala weekend at Locomotion this year. The engine, having been known for a long, complex and seemingly impossible reputation stood on the concrete apron in front of the museum as a testament to defeating the improbable and showing what tenacity and dilligence combined can achieve.

Galatea is indeed a nice locomotive, the WCRC restoration has indeed been impressive and one of the hardest to undertake given the engines condition when the project stated. Still, WCRC are rightly proud of their achievements, so much so that instead of the traditional brunswick green Galatea instead adopts a Crimson lake colour adorned with BR styling numbers and crests. Maroon is somethign WCRC like their kit being wrapt in.

The engine remained on the apron, taking in the limelight, while the Lankashire and Yorkshire coal tank and Furness 20 took up duties on the passenger demo. To round it off the NRMs own Duchess of Hamilton was parked outside alongside its LMS cousin.

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