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The opening Borders Railway of the borders railway was a fitting occasion for HM Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate passing the milestone of becoming the longest serving Monarch in British History and that of its founding nations, England and Scotland. It was a case of a railway being restored to its local community; of a traditional method being the best way of going forward to serve its local population. So like the railway being reinstated, so the Monarch reaffirmed her place as Head of State, of serving the people that she is dutifully placed to govern over.
The occasion saw the attention of two Queens on the day. One of mettle, the other of metal, for while Her Majesty was conveyed along the length of the journey to view the railways return for herself, the other Queen on display was none other than the locomotive 60009 Union of South Africa which could easily display the qualities required of a Monarch, having a grace, majesty, presence and reputation that few others can match. Not since the 8th June 1961 had a A4 locomotive been roistered to head the Royal Train, conveying the Queen, with the honour on that occasion falling to 60028 Walter K. Wigham. On this occasion, the Royal Train itself was made up of a collection of different stock, for the short turn to Tweedback from Edinburgh Waverley, rather than the standard set. Still, the event proved to be one of great significance of a railway reopening a full line again, complete with infrastructure that will allow frequent and reliable services for those using the line.
Only a few pictures of the Royal Train were taken, with it seen approaching Stow, the traffic of Police Escorts and restrictions making viewing in other areas pretty much impossible. It made for an interesting spectacle, with the occasion, the lines re-opening and the historical significance of the Monarchs reign making it all the more memorable.

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