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142020, would pass unoticed by many a person and enthusiast alike.

Fact is growing up in Bishop Auckland has made me appriciate that the role these units have done has meant that the line on which I start many of my journies has had a reliable and puntual service for many years. As a result, I have seen some of these units, which for many years have been allocated to Heaton, and one in particular has been a unit of choice. 142020, was one that was seen frequently and as a result became the first engine that I really took a specific interest in, rather than being an example of something first seen.

It might be just a Pacer, it might even be a hybrid of a bus and train, but its a favourite of mine and I like it.

A picture of 142018 has been included in Tyne and Wear livery as this is my favourite of the class.

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