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Many times has the phrase had meaning, but for the NRM and its plan to entice visitors with both mainline and preserved steam, today was indeed the day for the Shuttle service itself to bring a whole extra dimension to the NRM experience - something it duly delivered! Olton Hall, desguised as the infamous Hogwarts Castle brought the first shuttle north to Shildon and the area that is well within 51 area shedcode. The Western region engine seemed to give a good performance on a spirited run north by all accounts, and when seen at Heighington it was at speed with gusto.

On the rear was 45305 a geordie built Black 5, now named Allerman A. Draper, which was standing in for the NRM's own Oliver Cromwell. The Black 5 was in fine form, and took the service away, returning later with 37706 from the WCRC stable.

Other engines were seen at the Locomotion Musuem on Display, which can be seen in another gallery.

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