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On March 28th 1993, my interest in railways was confirmed when I was asked at all of 9 years of age to be a guard for the day under supervision of the train crew, for the charter train with 2005 as the lead engine with 9 Network Southeast liveried Mk. 1s and a class 47, 47833 Captain Peter Mainsty RN on the rear. The day was fantastic, with photographs galore - oddly enough including plenty of me.

Since then I have followed 62005 around the network to places such as Fort William, Grosmont and Barrow Hill amongst others. Favourites include when it works a NELPG tour across the North East, seeing an engine that was based at Darlington for a time back around my favourite locations. NELPGs work is indeed marvellous and I count them as the best preservation movement linked to railways, enitrely manned of volunteers.

This gallery shows not just my favourite steam engine, but also their hard work.

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