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Two engines that were bound to get attention were the arrivals of A4, Bittern in LNER Gatare Blue and Br Standard 70000 Britannia. These two were seen along side the other resident engines of 9F, 92212 and the S15, while another visitor was BR stanard 4MT 80120. The weather held off for the day allowing some runs to Levisham but also to see engines on the Southern end of the railway for a change, rather than race to the climb out of Grosmont, which no doubt for some brought many memorable photographs, but tends to be the centre of attention.

It was the first chance I had to see Pickering's roof, which looked impressive and sounded fantastic with the Brit thundering underneath. Shame more could not be done to keep the A4 with the teaks all weekend, but no doubt they were paired over the weekend. A nice return to the moors, and no doubt will will return in the future.

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