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While steam was the main attraction for Joe Public because of the very nature of them wanting to see engines, the diesel element of the event certainly brought in the best that the rail industry has to offer at present, but also what has been before.

Of the attractions there, the diesel engine 'Courage' almost walked away with surprise of the weekend, being almost able to drown out the sound of D6700 when both were at work. The event was indeed a show case for the role that diesels had played in the way that railways move on. 55002 was proof of just that.

The rail event also brought in engines like 20312 and 37419, both still active on the railway and 56312 adored with Railfest markings for the run up to the event. The modern day machines of 57308, 57309 (now a DRS Machine) 66736 and 92032 as well as the shortened Voyager 221144 show cased a wealth of engines that ply their trade on the rails today and that the industry too takes pride in its role and lessons learned from the past.

Track plant in the shape of a Snow blower and Whindoff unit also brought the modern machinery to a conclusion, showing just the various roles engines work today to keep the rails clean, safe and open for trains to use.

Quite a array of substance for the event that was Railfest 2012.

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