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The Wensleydale Railway put together a special weekend for the return to operation of class 37, 37250. The machine had been in preservation for sometime, but its move to Leeming brought a resurrection and return to traffic. Despite looking worn externally, the engine was performing well, seen at various points along the route, dubbed by many the 'Cheese' line.

While the future looked brighter for the class 37, the same could not be said for the class 20 which suffered a broken spring and was withdrawn from traffic, dumped looking forlorn at Redmire. It made for an irronic photo with the pair next to each other, one having returned the other now expected to be withdrawn, stripped and subsequently scrapped. However, class 20s are at a premium for roles as shunters and needed for movements on the network. HNRC might decide otherwise, but given its condition it is unlikely.

Still, this leaves Wensleydale still with another 20 on the line, and now the class 37 to the delight of the crowds and passengers seen this weekend.

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