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Created 25-Mar-13
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The Winter Season on the NYMR can throw up some interesting opprtunities, especially when the fleet is under going maintenance and as a result failures can bring engines out that otherwise dont get the true attention they deserve. This was the case on a visit after New Year, with the Black 5 sidelined and the 24 already working, the lines class 101 came to the rescue and brought the late 1950s back to life when these initially replaced steam.

Another visit in search of the B1 that had arrived saw the valiant 75029 Greene Knight rostered to work instead. Often overlooked in favour of other engines the standard 4MT is a reliable performer for the railway and its general ability to do its job, and to it well to the delight of the general public shouldnt go overlooked by enthusiasts craving the A4, 9F etc. Without this engine, there wouldnt be much of a railway to run before the bigger engines are needed for heavier loadings later in the season.

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