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2011 had a distinct Western region flavour to the visiting engines at Locomotion. Star attraction was the well known and much discussed City of Truro which is reputably the first engine to 'do the ton'. Along side this express locomotion were other western region engines more akin to mundane work. A 56xx from the Furness loco group was visiting along with the NRMs own 28xx 2-8-0 frieght locomotive. Engines that used to ply their trade in Shildon would have respected these for their ability to haul heavy goods and would indeed have matched the pedigree of the North Eastern engines that years ago, occupied the very ground these engines were on display.

Also there were two residents, Sir Berkeley and Furness no. 20, with smaller engines running on demonstration lines.

It was nice to see the magjesty of Western regions engines as I personally like the similar lines and evolution of Western region design.... but I dare not say more less people doubt my faith in NER.... thank goodness the J21 had arrived.... now thats a proper engine, albeit needing some TLC!

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