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In 2008 the newly starting Grand Central Open Access operator found itself with an aging HST fleet, and some power cars that were not quite as overhauled as had been expected. The result was failures and cancellations, even whether the company could continue was brought into question. The answer was for a refit of the fleet and quickly. This however would cause difficulties in maintaining the service. It was calculated that locomotives with coaching stock could easily match the timings on the runs north of York where the slow lines were 75mph and the lines to Sunderland from Northallerton even less.

Stock came in from a number of sources, owing to some strange rule that unless a contract and service was awarded the same locomotives could not be used for more than 28 days. This then brought a number of different forms of motive power. Riveria class 47s made up the first trench of power, before class 57s were used. Even 67s were used on the service as well bringing a choice of motive power at the hieght of summer not seen since or doubtless will be again...

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