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Such a shame bout Health and Safety these days. In years before I dare say some nice railwayman would have walked me down to trackside to get a photograph of the resplendent A4, 60019 now wearing the number of its now deceased cousin, 4492 Dominion of New Zealand. However, we all have cameras now, and the vantage points of Kings Cross have changed, so much so that the rear 3/4 view was all that could be seen as the train filled the entire platform.

Still, the spectale of a steam engine at the Cross is no common feature any more, and the fact that it was an East Coast pedigree A4 is something more special. Add the return of the valances to the side, and this was indeed a new chapter for preservation as it started a new dimension of recreating the past on the mainline proper and it broke the mold of British Railways Brunswick which has been more than prevailent lately.

A very good moring for a captial day in London....

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