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A first visit to the Midland Railway brought quite a surprise to see the various sheds from different organisations that use the site. The Princess Royal locomotive trusts own site was a little way off the main site at Swanwick, but an example of what can be achieved with good organisation. The layout and examples within this and the other sheds could rival any collection of railway and heritage stock and items in the country.

It is highly fortunate that a lot of this comes from the Midland region and the items selected showed a broad history of this organisation on site - as you'd expect. Bringing all of them to one site added to the wealth of knowledge and resources that one would hope make preseration all the more enjoyable through co-operation.

However, one other joy is the collection of heritage diesels that the site has, with many of the well known engines that are in good condition and good operation together. Engines like 31271, 50007, 47401 and D212 shared sidings with other examples and visitors.

All in all, a brilliant collection and a brillinat morning visit.

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