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47145 was a popular machine given its days around the Sheffield area. The class 47 machine had been a reliable performer when part of the Tinsley allocation working various jobs, but mainly steel traffic.

It was one of the first to break ranks with the corporate image, maintaining blue with its new markings. It even managed a revival with the Fragonset banner before seccumbing to financial presures and circumstance.

The end finally came, somewhat less than dignified when Advanza were hired in to take what was left of it from Darlington to Stockton. In fact the whole rake was pushed by the class 66 with the two 47s dead in front - something a few of us on the day thought was against the rules...

These photos show it seen at Eaglescliffe, before then being dumped at Stockton. The 66 and 47 that were to head south, then work a scrap train away...

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