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The NYMR was rightly pleased to have the chance to expand its operations to Whitby when plans for the sencond platform were drawn up. For years this has been a goal and now the line has achieved it.

The route remains interesting, and today I was more curious about the new operation, and how changes to the infrastructure would result in new photographic oportunties. The day did not disappoint.

At Grosmont, the Falsgrave gantry, as it was - has been installed with working levers controlling the signal arms and bringing a new photos to be taken. One wonders why they painted the gantry white as it has soon turned black underneath given the level of activity seen underneath the NER designed structure.

While having to stop to confirm the train is in the possession of the token at both Grosmont and arrival at Whitby the opperation seemed smooth. It is a shame that this token method is not done by signal crews at Grosmont or Whitby but that can be a goal for the future. I did wonder where NYMR staff that stay at Whitby are to work from and think that the line should quickly arrange for them to have somewhere to go, as I did note a small area on the station that had a container there. If not, some arrangement needs to be made, before winter arrives.

At Whitby the station staff did grand work, detraining the passengers arriving and quing those wanting to leave due to the narrow platform. This while the engine and crew run round. New photos are soon to become the established shots. Ones in the station were taken today, while new ones will be departures next to Bog Hall sidings, and the foot crossing.

The day was quite a success and loadings were massive for the trains. It is nice to see the line and its plans being a success - long may that continue.

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