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Ah... the infamous 'Freinds of the Black Hat'?!

Well, these are the people that I see when out and about. Featured here are respectable and polite enthusiasts who enjoy the hobby by interacting and sharing their interest rather than attempt to out-do each other or reach levels of geek-dom that most Railway enthuiasts are expected to be by less open minded members of the general public.

Here are people I am happy and proud to know, most of whom help the railway scene in one way or another, or have in the past. Its about a hobby we enjoy together respectfully and not by competition or marginalisation.

Freinds of the Black Hat include (In no particular order)

Anthony Coulls
Ian Riley
Tom Houseman
Richard Pearson
John Hunt
Mathew Earnshaw
Kenneth, David and Edward Farms
Ian Jackson
Harry Kitching
Mick Worrall
Terry Newman
Fred Ramshaw
Neil and Chris Simpson
Andy Rutherford
Ian Midgley
Allan Brooks
Owen Edwards
Will Smith
Neil and Sam Woods
Ken Short
Martin Taylor
Jonny Granger
Paul Warren
Jonny Gourlay
Alan Usher
Steve Highman

Also thanks to the Support Crew of Duke of Gloucester for their fantastic company at the Shildon Gala in 2009.

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