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Sunshine, Steam and Scenery, it doesnt get much better than that.... except that this time the journey was to be across the Settle to Carlisle railway, with fantastic views across areas such as the three peaks, Ribblehead, Mallerstang, and others en route.

The engine was none other than Rileys reliable machine 45407 the Lancashire Fusilier, which stormed over the route with some fair degree of magesty considering the considerable load that the engine was asked to haul over the grueling route. Arrival in Carlisle saw the engine leave to be turned and fueled while I and friends opted for a similar idea.

Back on the train and the journey retracing our same route south again saw great performances from the engine. Its return to the mainline following overhaul in 100 days is a testamount to I Riley Engineering and there fantastic machine.

The day ended at York, with some final views of the engine, before then heading for home after a long and enjoyable day.

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