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Everyone knows Hogwarts Castle... the engine of Harry Potter fame. The Red Castle is well known and brings forward more youngsters who show interest in railways. What could be better?

Well... its a Hall for a start. Olton Hall, is actually the true name of Hogwarts Castle, rather than its true Western region Castle class cousins. However, like some say, Western region engines look very similar, but I like them for those small differences personally. Despite my usual defence of all things North Eastern and wider Eastern region area, it was a joy to see this Western region engine, in its unique guise.

Of course, the true reason for this journey and trip out to chase, was to see A4 4468 Mallard return to York. Olton Hall was used as the train engine to get the locomotive back to 50A. It was great to see Mallard back onto the tracks once again in company with the red hall. It was interesting to see which people came to see which locomotive.... the day was interesting and enjoyable with everyone happy... even if you came out for the diesel tour stock that was also seen!

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