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66847 managed to fail on the Colas coal train, causing Colas to hire in 66413. Given the modern railways wonderful way of creating a money flow that would envy the worlds best tax avoider if it were matched in complexity the situation is as follows. 66413 is in DRS livery, having worked for the comapny but handed back to the Rolling stock owner, it then was contracted, to Freightliner, covering for locomotive shortage, who in turn then hired the engine for work on their coal train. So, the DRS machine, wasnt, or isnt, and by way of subcontracting the Freightliner machine became a colas one.

In any case, it made for the sight of a different livery on a coal train, special more so as the only reason a DRS liveried machine would be on a coal train would be due to hire to another company as the Carlisle based company does not work any coal train contracts. It is seen at various points on the Weardale Railway, before going to mainline metals past Bishop Auckland.

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